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Born and raised in the city of Gardena, California, I never thought I could make a living from banana pudn, "my childhood favorite dessert". This recipe has been passed down from my momma, yo momma,  and their mommas momma. Lol

My wife kicked me out of her kitchen because I was using it every time she needed it to cook.  That prompted me to take a chance on purchasing a pre-existing small deli that was for sale in the heart of  downtown Long Beach, on Pine Ave.  

It all started from a fundraiser while coaching pop warner football for the Long Beach Jordan Black Panthers organization. I made my favorite childhood dessert for a fundraiser to raise money for our banquet because we were having such a great season, we wanted to make it special for our players.  The kids and parents fell in love with my Gourmet Banana PUDN, so much that a parent asked me to take a sample to one of his friend’s restaurants. I asked "why" the parent said this is so Good you can start a business from this.  I immediately declined, but when I seen all the Smiles it was PUDN on the parents and kids faces, I couldn't resist, so I took a chance and followed the parents advice. 

The community fell in love with my childhood favorite dessert, and the orders kept coming in and  wouldn’t stop. It all made sense when I did my research and seriously thought about it,  "Pudding is America's favorite dessert and Bananas are the world's most consumed fruit. They go together like peanut butter and jelly. 

The restaurant went from odering 1 dozen to over 300 bowls of PUDN every week.  Once the Long Beach Press Telegram wrote a story about me in the newspaper there was no turning back. 

Everything was going great until my wife Val got really sick, so we shut the business down and moved to Arizona so she could have brain surgery, by a Doctor that was familiar with her condition. I went back to the corporate world for the best company I've ever worked for called Red Ventures based in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

When Covid-19 hit the world it changed everything, The best part was that my son Ej asked me if I would bring the business back and teach him how to be an Entrepreneur. I've Coached my son his whole life rather if it was football, basketball, excersies,  or just being a full time dad. I love that we have the chance to start this business together and that I have another chance to bond and spend time with him before I leave this earth. God Loves you and so do I. Thank all of you for supporting our Father & Son small local business.